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Ep 46: How to know if you're wired to be a six percent entrepreneur with Robin Copernicus

July 21, 2021 Season 1 Episode 46
Upon Arrival | Events & Incentives with Adelaine Ng
Ep 46: How to know if you're wired to be a six percent entrepreneur with Robin Copernicus
Show Notes

Every industry is shaped by the quality of its entrepreneurs who disrupt the status quo, inspire admiration and challenge our world to be better. But how do you know if entrepreneurship is truly in your DNA, that you have a future being a visionary and trailblazer? In 2015, a global report found that 66 percent of adults saw entrepreneurship as a good career choice and more than half of the working age population felt they could start a business. But true entrepreneurs are rare.

Robin Copernicus is the founder of Vertical Liftoff, the first startup accelerator that helps founders skip investor funding. He's also the author of Minimum Viable Mockup and podcast host of The Six Percent Entrepreneur. Robin's current mission is to help startup founders build an audience and get their first paying customers without relying on pitch decks, business plans, or giving up equity to venture capitalists.

Quotes From Episode

"The thing about failure is when most founders fail, they will actually give you all different types of excuses... Such as my co-founder left me, or I couldn't raise enough money, or I ran out of money or Google shut my ads account down, or a competitor just stole all my, you know...

But the real reason that founders fail is because the founder lost motivation and got bored and quit. Because if the founder did not lose motivation, they wouldn't have given up. The reason why they've lost motivation is because they got into entrepreneurship wanting more freedom, getting out of this corporate job situation but then they realise that they're actually just trapping themselves into a new job."

"We don't need to go to investors anymore. So this whole idea of maximising the TAM (Total Addressable Market) and going out for this huge market size, this is  very old-school thinking and this is what they're still teaching in entrepreneurship programs".

-Robin Copernicus

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- How a side hustle can split your focus and be your disadvantage
- The three types of entrepreneurs and the chemical imbalance that identifies a true type entrepreneur
- Why an MBA sets entrepreneurs up for failure
- The real reason why most founders fail and how to fix it
- How a vertical startup can be the smartest way to launch without needing investors

Robin's recommendations:
The Hypomanic Edge by John D Gartner
Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

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