Upon Arrival | Events & Incentives with Adelaine Ng

Ep 41 Replay: Learning from lightbulb moments and being ready for opportunities with Darryl Lovegrove

June 16, 2021 Adelaine Ng Season 1 Episode 41
Upon Arrival | Events & Incentives with Adelaine Ng
Ep 41 Replay: Learning from lightbulb moments and being ready for opportunities with Darryl Lovegrove
Show Notes

The way you look at the world can have a profound impact on what you receive from life. Most entertainment acts for corporate events fail to achieve the global success that's been The Three Waiters. What began as an "accidental idea" inspired by The Three Tenors has now been performed about 14,000 times in 90 countries and it's still going strong. What is its secret to success?

Darryl Lovegrove is the show's co-founder whose combination of performance skills and entrepreneurial thinking has made him a popular speaker at conferences. His new book Why Haven't I Heard Of You? provides principles to show you how to keep innovating and learning from popular culture to stand out in today's noisy world.

Darryl is gifting his music for free to buyers of his book.

Quotes From Episode

"I get that not everybody has a bulb moment. Or maybe they do but they don't realise that the way they're thinking about life (means) they've got negative firewalls up so they don't actually see the bulb moments."

"Be as curious as you possibly can. A lot of people are telling you to stop watching the news and don't watch everything on Facebook, don't do this, don't do that. I want you to actually be careful about that... If you're not curious about the world, then what have you got to offer the world?"

"In the audience was a guy called Eugene Cernan who'd been flown in from America because Omega was a sponsor. He came running out afterward and said 'Stop guys!' So we stopped and turned around to see this elderly guy with a suit who said, 'I go to events all over the world and I've got to say that show was the best thing I've ever seen' ... and we said thanks but who are you?  And he turns around and there's a big sponsored picture of an astronaut on the moon and he says, 'I'm that guy there'. Eugene was the last man ever to walk on the moon...and he later gave us a whole hour... It was one of the best nights I've ever remembered."

-Darryl Lovegrove

Don't miss:
-The perfect storm that gave The Three Waiters its idea and success
-How Hong Kong's Canto-pop star Francis Yip gave the act one of its top highlights ever
-Performing for The Three Tenors after their last appearance together
-How Rod Stewart and Richard Branson helped The Three Waiters story
-An event night that didn't go as planned
-The importance of a bulb moment and why you may not be having one
-How constant curiosity can serve you

Darryl's book and gift of free songs on purchase:
Why Haven't I Heard Of You? - A Blueprint For Standing Out In A Crowded, Crazy, Changing New World

Brand Like A Rock Star by Steve Jones

Other authors Darryl recommends reading:
Rod Stewart
Bill Clinton
Andre Agassi
Jim Collins (Good to Great)
Keith Richards
Richard Branson
Rudy Guiliani

Connect with Darryl Lovegrove:
Email: darryl@darryllovegrove.com